Senior experience designer with a penchant for organizing everything until it’s intuitively usable.

Having worked in UX and UI design since 2008, my area of expertise lies in designing digital products and services. I assist decision-makers in substantiating their ideas, planning their product roadmap and organize interdisciplinary team collaborations.

Clients I've worked for

Circular Fashion  β€“  Beyond Build
Bendesk  β€“  Mercedes-Benz – Ableton
Postbank  β€“  TUI  β€“  ARZ  β€“  Opel
Fabit  β€“  Scalara  


Banking, brokerage & trading, personal finance management, savings, accounting, insurance

Smart home
Access control, classical smart home functions, intelligent charging, rights management, communication

Online-shopping and travel booking

Car configurator, visualizer

Silvia Fritzsche
Senior Experience Designer
Berlin, Germany

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